Online Tutorials

Video Library

We have produced a series of tutorial videos to help new customers get started with The Cleaning System.

You can pause and rewind the videos, so that you can take your time to learn about the system.

The videos are about:

Create Space Inventory
How to create a customer, building, floor, and space.

Drawing Spaces
How to draw a space/room, arcs, circles, how to zoom in and out and how to subtract an area.

Color Coding
How to color code, how to choose another color coding, how to change the colors of your color coding and about symbols.

Import Graphic (JPEG, JPG or GIF)
How to import graphic files, how to draw using graphic files, how to scale graphic files and how to remove graphic files.

Import DXF File
How to import DXF file, how to measure spaces using the DXF file and how to remove DXF file.

How to print sections, about section layout, how to convert to PDF file and how to print space inventory lists.

Work Plans
How to create a work assignment, how to assign spaces/rooms to work assignment, how to print visual work assignment and how to make detailed print of the work assignment.

On/Off Functions
About on/off functions and how to move windows and taskbars.

How to do general search, how to search and edit/replace and how to save search criteria.

Edit properties
About primary and secondary information, service profile and miscellaneous.

Edit properties using the “Listview”-tab
How to edit using “Listview”-tab.

Repair your database
About customer database and user database.

Time settings
About time format and settings.

How to export customer, how to export area type set, how to export to excel and how to import.

User administration
About user administration.

Detailed work assignment
About detailed work assignment.

End calculation
About end calculation.