Planning Module

Detailed Work Assignment

The Planning Module is used for the creation of work assignments and distribution of the calculated work.

The Planning Module is an efficient way to create fair and balanced work assignments. It is an indispensable tool for distributing the work between several assistants. You will get current summing up of your time consumption on each work schedule, as well as of the time left for other tasks.

In addition to distributing the cleaning tasks from your rooms, you may also add and distribute other regular service and work tasks.

Applying the week distribution function will enable you to work out detailed work assignments for each assistant, telling you on which days of the week the particular rooms are to be cleaned. You may even plan whether light or thorough cleaning is to be performed, whether tidying is to be performed, or whether floor machine tasks are to be run.


PERSONNEL FILES Creation of files with general information and optionally pictures of the employees.

WORK ASSIGNMENT Creation of work assignments with fixed time, reference to personnel files, and optionally extra service, cleaning and other tasks .

AREA DISTRIBUTION Distribution of work tasks from the space inventory. Possibility of distributing all work tasks in one room to the same work plan or to several work plans. Automatic distribution of tasks until the work plan is ”full”.

WEEK PLANNING Distribution of the individual cleaning tasks of the work assignments into days of the week. Automatic, even distribution of work tasks.


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