Maintenance Contract

To ensure your investment against obsolescence and at the same time give you the ability to use your program to its full extent, we offer all of our customers a maintenance contract for The Cleaning System.


The maintenance contract gives you permission to use our hotline service. By using our hotline service you can always get help with questions regarding the use of The Cleaning System.

If you wish, or need, special consultancy aid, exceeding the capacity of our hotline-service, you automatically get a 15% discount on our list consultancy prices per hour.

Correction of Errors

The maintenance contract also guarantees that we will correct any error found in the program as soon as possible. We strive to correct issues the same day, or by the latest the next working day. When you report an error, one of our programmers will try to locate and if possible correct the error immediately


Finally, the maintenance contract gives you the right to upgrade your program to the newest available version, with no extra charges. In this way your investment is protected against obsolescence, and you get no unexpected bills when your program needs to be upgrades.

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