Why can I not synchronize?

If you encounter the following error when synchronizing then there are three things you have to check first. 1. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Check the settings on your device and make sure to activate wi-fi or mobile data (3G / 4G / LTE). Open up a browser and check that you are able to load a website. If you are not able to load websites, you have a problem with your internet connection which is preventing the synchronization from IDEX, and you need to fix your connection to the internet before synchronizing again. 2. Check … Læs mere

Why can I not see the symbols I assigned to a drawing?

If you can not see the symbols you have assigned to a drawing, the reason can be that the layer you assigned the symbols to is deactivated. Detailed guide Click on the button “Define and select pattern” in the tool bar. (1) Click on the button “Turn layers on and off for visibility” (3) on the tab “Symbols” on the right side of the screen. (2) The window “Visible layers” now opens. If the layers with your symbols are not visible, mark it by checking the box left to the layer. (4) Click on the green tick to finish the … Læs mere

How do I assign a symbol to a room?

Click on the room, you want to add a symbol Click the button “Define and select pattern” Go to the tab “Symbols” and click on the button “Assign selected symbol to a room” Choose the position for the symbol and which symbol you want to add Click on the room on the drawing and the symbol will now be attached to the room Detailed guide If you want to assign a symbol to a room on a drawing, for instance to show that a corridor has to be cleaned with a machine, you can do it this way: Go to … Læs mere