How do I activate auto synchronization?

Click the menu button and select “Settings”. Click on “Connection method”. Select “FTP Auto-sync”. Detailed guide Android (left) – IOS (right) On the start screen, click the menu button in the right upper corner of the screen. (1) Click “Settings”. (2) Android (left) – IOS (right) Click on “Connection Method” and choose which method to us to transfor files between phone/tablet and computer. (3) Choose “FTP Auto-sync”. (4) Android (left) – IOS (right) Go back to the start screen. You can now see that Auto-sync is activated and IDEX will now automatically synchronize inspection files, customer files and photos each … Læs mere

Why can I not synchronize?

If you encounter the following error when synchronizing then there are three things you have to check first. 1. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Check the settings on your device and make sure to activate wi-fi or mobile data (3G / 4G / LTE). Open up a browser and check that you are able to load a website. If you are not able to load websites, you have a problem with your internet connection which is preventing the synchronization from IDEX, and you need to fix your connection to the internet before synchronizing again. 2. Check … Læs mere