How do I add a comment to a drawing?

Select the space or the building you want to add a comment to. Go to the tab “Notes”. Write the text in the field “Comment” and click “OK”. Right-click on the text on the selected space/building and select “Text” → “Texts Grouped” to unattach the comment from the rest of the text. Move the comment to where you want it to be on the drawing. Detailed guide Select the space or building in the “Main Data” tree on the left side of the screen or on the drawing to add a comment to the drawing. (1) Click on the “Comment” tab … Læs mere

How do I see key info about a room when I’m in drawing mode?

Drag the vertical divider, between the “Main Data” tree and the drawing, to the right Detailed guide If you want to see the data and key info of a selected room, floor or building in the drawing mode, you can drag the edge of the “Main Data” tree on the left side of the screen. The part of the screen that shows the “Main Data” tree will become wider and it is now possible to see the data and the key info on the left side of the screen. Click and hold down the left mouse button on the vertical … Læs mere

How do I activate auto synchronization?

Click the menu button and select “Settings”. Click on “Connection method”. Select “FTP Auto-sync”. Detailed guide Android (left) – IOS (right) On the start screen, click the menu button in the right upper corner of the screen. (1) Click “Settings”. (2) Android (left) – IOS (right) Click on “Connection Method” and choose which method to us to transfor files between phone/tablet and computer. (3) Choose “FTP Auto-sync”. (4) Android (left) – IOS (right) Go back to the start screen. You can now see that Auto-sync is activated and IDEX will now automatically synchronize inspection files, customer files and photos each … Læs mere