5. How do I delete the temporary floor and spaces?

Go to Properties. Mark the temporary floor and delete it. Detailed guide When you are done copying all the room polygons onto the spaces on your original floor, go to Properties (red square). Mark the temporary floor in the Main Data tree (1). Delete it by clicking “Delete” on your keyboard and right-click and select “Delete”. For the whole guide on how to import a DXF file and copy room polygons → Click here  

4. How do I copy rooms from a temporary floor?

Mark/select the floor you want to copy the room polygons to. Make sure that the drawing shows both floor plans in the selected building by clicking “building” in the dropdown box. Select the space on the original floor which you want to copy the room polygons to and click on the “Copy” button in the toolbar. Click on the space in the drawing, you want to copy to the original floor. Press “ESC” to exit copy mode. Detailed guide Go to the Main Data tree on the left side of the screen. Open the floor you want to copy the … Læs mere

3. How can I create and apply room polygons to a floor from DXF layers?

Mark/select the layers that contains the polylines. Click the “!” button to create the rooms and confirm. Detailed guide To import the closed polylines from the DXF layer(s) and create rooms on the temporary floor, click on the layer(s) that contains the polylines under “Name”. (1) The number in parenthesis after the layer name indicates how many closed polylines The Cleaning System has recognized during the import of the DXF files. * Please note that some layers will contain closed polylines which represents other drawing elements (not room polygons). These layers should not be imported. Mark the layer(s) you want to … Læs mere

2. How do I import a DXF file to a floor?

Under the Drawing tab, select/mark the temporary floor (“0”). Click the “DXF” button on the toolbar. Click “Open folder”. Find your DXF file in your library and press “Open”. Select the proper measure unit under “Drawing Properties”, if the drawing is displayed in wrong size. Detailed guide Go to the Drawing tab (1). Select/mark the temporary floor “0” (2) and click the “DXF” button in the toolbar (3). The External Drawing window will open. Click the “Open folder” button. (4) Find your DXF file in your library. (5) Double click on the file, or select it and press “Open”. (6) The file will now … Læs mere

1. How do I create a temporary floor with temporary spaces

Mark/select building. Add floor (named Index/Number “0”). Mark/Select temporary floor. Add Space (named Index/Number “0”). Detailed guide In the Properties tab (red square), select/mark the building under the relevant customer in the Main Data tree on the left side. (1) Add a new temporary floor by clicking the button “Add floor” on the right side of the screen. (2) Fill out the field “Index” on the sheet (3). You can call this temporary floor “0” (if not already used as Index for another floor). Press “OK” on the right side of the screen. (4) Press Escape on your keyboard or the “Cancel” button on … Læs mere