How do I color code rooms on a drawing?

Click “Define and select patterns” Select the grid type and click on the brush Click on the room you want to assign a grid orcolor code Click on the brush again to deactivate the grid or color code mode Detailed guide When you have drawn a room/space you can assign a grid or color code to it which makes it easier to get an visual overview of a building and floors. You can also print the grids and color codes using the sections function. Click  “Define and select patterns” in the tool bar. (1) Under the tab “Grid”, select what … Læs mere

How do I repair a customer database if I can not open The Cleaning System?

Close The Cleaning System Start “Data Repair Tool”. Select the customer database you want to repair. Start the repair. Close the data repair tool and start The Cleaning System again. It can be necessary to repair a costumer database if it does not run probably in The Cleaning System or if the system will not start. Especially if you have just updated the system or if the system was not shut down correctly. You can do the database repair in The Cleaning System (see this video in the Online Toturials). If you are not able to open The Cleaning System, … Læs mere

How do I adjust the automatic assigment of ID and door number?

Click on “User Options”. Click on “Automation” under “Options”. Adjust the increase amount in the fields “Automatic ID” and “Automatic Door Number”. Click “Save”. Detailed guide When you add a space (1), the system automatically creates a new one with a suggested ID and room number (2). If you do not want to add more than one room, you can just press “ESC” on your keyboard or click “Cancel” on the right side of the screen and the suggest space will disappear. The same goes for adding customers, buildings and floors. Both the ID and the door number increase with … Læs mere

How do I draw a zone that will be subtracted from the area of a room?

Mark the room, you want the zone to be decucted from. Click “Subtract area” in the tool bar and draw the area you want to subtract. Detailed guide When you draw a room it is sometimes necessary to subtract an area, for instanse, when you draw a staircase with a gap in the middle, or when you draw a hall with big pillars that takes up a big part of the area of a room. You can also use the subtraction function when you need to make space for a room which is located in the middle of an already … Læs mere

How do I delete an area type and it’s information?

Go to the tab “Properties” and delete the area type under the tab “Key info” by pressing the delete or the backspace button on your keyboard. Go to the “Service Profile” tab and delete the information under “Service Profile Connection”, “Quality Profile” and “Frequency Profile Connection”. Click “OK”. In “Drawing” mode (1), if you accidentally register a room with a wrong area type (2) and want to delete the area type and it’s information under the tab “Parameters”, “Floor” and “Service Profile”, it is only possible to delete the area type. If you click on the “Service Profile” tab (3), … Læs mere